April 5, 2020

The services we offer

The house

Whether it is one room, the loft, the garage, the shed, the cellar, the kitchen, or the whole house, we really get down to it and sort it all out from beginning to end and leave no stone unturned.

The office

Too much paperwork?  Need to be organised?  Don’t worry, we have the skills to sort, file, organise and shred the unwanted paper – or scan information onto your computer for later use.  We are very discreet and regard all of our work  as highly confidential.

Furniture staging, room layout and space management

Would you like: advice on how to create that homely atmosphere and promote a good feeling in a room; ideas about choosing colours; advice on where best to place furniture, storage solutions, and how to get maximum space?  Let us help!

Deep cleaning

Are you in need of a deep clean, including appliances, fixtures and insides of cupboards?  Do you need to clean the fridge or defrost the freezer?  Whatever the task we can help!

Selling your home

Let us help you de-clutter to give that fresh open look and put you in a better position to sell your property quicker.  Are you downsizing?  Or  do you have a mansion house with big rooms to clear?  Do you simply have too much stuff and need to have a big clear out?  What ever the situation we can help!

Elderly relatives

Do you have an elderly relative that needs a helping hand?  We can be very patient, sensitive and understanding.  We treat all of our clients as very important indivduals who need very individual treatment to sort out any practical issues.  Whatever the situation we can help!