April 5, 2020

The costs

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Our charges vary and start from £400.00 per day.

This will include 2 members of staff, decluttering of the room or area, advice on how to gain maximum storage space and storage suggestions.

For multiple sessions and additional tasks, we are willing to negotiate prices, eg spring cleaning, deep cleaning, furniture staging etc.

Any removal of clutter will be charged on an individual basis.

If we are travelling outside of Medway, there would be an extra charge of 45p per mile for travelling time and travel costs.

We can work weekends for a small additional charge.

House makeover  and restyling

This will include advice and help with colours, redecoration, furnishings and layout.

We will help you get the best out of your budget to maximize your space, storage and dream look.

When selling your house, we can help make cosmetic changes to make your property look fantastic to prospective buyers, therefore helping to get a quick sale.

We can also provide these services at weekends for a small additional charge.