September 21, 2021

Benefits of decluttering

Decluttering sounds easy, but is an important method of change.  Once the decluttering is started, your spirits will be lifted and you will release a huge amount of positive energy and great feeling inside.  It will soon become a habit that you will look forward to.

Starting a new life means starting a clean slate – letting go of things, people and mental clutter you no longer need.  Often we don’t realise how much clutter actually creates blockages and stops us from moving forward until we get rid of it and become aware of what is draining your energy.

5 reasons decluttering is so hard

  1. It makes us make choices
  2. It reminds us of jobs we have not yet done – everything we have failed to do to date
  3. It takes time
  4. It makes us face up to our past
  5. It’s tiring.

5 ways to make it easier

  1. Ask a friend for help – next time you can help them
  2. Start slowly – 10 minutes a day or getting rid of one item per day
  3. Start with a small task – small box or cupboard
  4. Use your intuition
  5. Concentrate on one job at a time.

Commit to the process and stick to it!!

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