October 25, 2021

Hoarders back on Channel 5

Declutter Divas are back on Channel 5 with Hoarders: Junk Apocalypse. Episode one of the two part series airs on Thursday 20 August at 9pm. (Episode two can be seen the following Thursday – 28 August.)

Screenshot from Hoarders TV programme showing the Declutter Divas


  1. You are angels. Not sure how you deal with all you yucky dirt and dead creatures. You make an amazing difference to peoples home I’ve now watched three episodes on channel five. Lol
    I went out with a guy for a few months who had a hording issues. I couldn’t cope with being in his house so we broke up. I’d offered to help a couple times but he was still finding stuff to bring home stuff that even if he might not need, someone else might.
    It was embarrassing popping to the local tip to get what others didn’t want. Drove me bonkers. Lol I’d not encountered it until then and. I’m 61.

    I just love watching the clean clear spaces you make out of a house plied high with rubbish and stuff. I wish I could do what you do as I’m sure it’s very rewarding indeed. but the thought of the dirt and grime puts me off.

    Anyway well done you are heroes!! Love watching what you do.