December 3, 2021


We found the Divas on a list of private agencies supplied by a charity involved with changing lives and communities around Maidstone. At the time my sister was starting to realise she couldn’t sort out the flat on her own or with my help. We had tried but failed miserably.

Jean found it too hard to let go. She was a hoarder. It seems items accumulated after her husband died – memories she didn’t want to let go of. Jean had read some letters of appreciation written to Allyson and Zoe and felt it would be good to contact them. I ‘phoned them for a provisional chat. Jean was happy to phone back and discuss what she needed doing. Very sadly this didn’t take place. Jean was taken to hospital quite ill, and sadly passed away a few days later.

Roger and I were saddened by the sudden change in the situation. We were now the ones having to make the decisions. We needed to empty the flat as quickly as possible, as it was rented. We contacted Allyson and Zoe. They were so sympathetic and willing to help us. I was impressed by their friendly approach- nothing was too much trouble. There was no pressure felt, when we had big decisions to make. We felt quite at ease giving the 2nd set of keys to Allyson and Zoe, as we live in S E London 35 miles away from the flat. Allyson and Zoe kept in touch by ‘phone and kept us updated with progress. Most of the rubbish went into a skip. Jean had a Great amount of clothing, books, handbags, art materials which the wonderful ladies were able to re-house. Jean was very gifted- making things and of course, there were a lot of pictures which she had painted. The three ladies had asked us for specific instructions, and they had labelled boxes for us to look at: to keep, charity, rubbish. It was amazing, by the end of the 3rd day, the flat was almost clear.

We were so pleased. Allyson and Zoe had hung up all the pictures on the walls of the flat for us to see and take photos of. [There were well over 50 pictures]. A few days later the ladies returned to remove the remaining pictures and art materials. On that morning we were able to read the meter and with a sigh of relief, lock the door of the flat for the last time.

Thank you, Allyson and Zoe you did an excellent job.

Pat Baker – March 2021

I had reached a point where I did not know where to turn. For many years I had always had a problem with hoarding clothes, shoes, boots, makeup, books, paperwork, old letters dating back twenty years or so, household cleaning items, to name just a few. I have never really been an organized person and would often get stressed and frustrated with myself having to wade through cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, etc. trying to find certain items. I had carrier bags of new items that I had bought left on the bedroom floors as I did not seem to have any room to put these things along with piles of old clothes and paperwork. My mother, who had not lived with me, passed away four and half a years ago. I had to clear out her home, but obviously found it very difficult to part with sentimental items. So the problem just grew and grew. I was becoming very depressed to the point where I did not want to be at home. Then on one particular day I looked at all the muddle and thought to myself I cannot go on like this. I was even too embarrassed to have people in the house even my closest friends.

I knew I needed help to sort all this hoarding out. I searched the internet and came across the Declutter Divas, Allyson and Zoe, that was the day that changed my life. They were very sympathetic and understanding of my problem. At each stage, they talked over with me how they would approach each room and straightaway, I realized that I was going to be helped by two lovely ladies who were extremely professional and experienced at what they do. They were respectful of how hard it was for me to let go of certain things, and would discuss and advise logically with me to help me to come to decisions of what I could and needed to let go of and all the time were extremely patient with me, which enabled me to eventually part with things that I had been holding onto for years. With their help I could feel the burden of my hoarding declining. I was absolutely amazed at how they showed me that I actually had enough storage space to keep and enjoy the things that I did hold onto. Between them, they actually organized me so that now everything logically has a place to be kept. They also thoroughly cleaned every room which has also made a huge difference. I cannot speak highly enough of Allyson and Zoe who I can actually say have made my life feel freer and that I am now in control of my home and belongings and not the other way around.

Annie – Kent, July 2020

The Declutter Divas came to help me a couple of years ago.

I have never forgotten the fantastic efficient and extremely efficient job they did for my father.

Dad has dementia was in early stages at that point. He had been a hoarder for over 50 years, so you can use your imagination as to the amount he had accumulated and stock piled at that time.

We are talking floor to ceiling, for his own safety, I had do to something about it as I could not do it on my own, I needed help.

I tracked Divas down after seeing them on a TV programme.

Oh my goodness, what an amazing pair they are. One of the first things I noticed was how supportive they are. They are also completely non-judgmental and that is what you need once you are ‘over your head’.

They were respectful of my father throughout the two days spent together.

I will always recommend these ladies and will always continue to.

Hoarding is a difficult to approach, especially when its family and they made it so easy.

Keep up the amazing work.

R Barradell – April 2020

Declutter Divas, Adorable Angels, Compassionate Counsellors, Lovely Ladies, Fantastic Friends!

There’s not a day that passes without thinking about you both and your cleverness and kindness. Thank you both for saving my life and working so hard and just for being you.

Your are amazing women and an unbeatable team.

You have transformed so many lives with you brilliant skills, love and humour. Magic!

With love and gratitude.

JA – London, December 2019

I enlisted the skills of the Declutter Divas to help me improve the functionality of my kitchen. I live in an apartment and have a fairly small kitchen, where I spend a lot of time cooking which I thoroughly enjoy. I needed everything to be readily accessible.

Zoe and Allyson worked with me to make sure all of my needs were catered for; nothing was too much trouble. They utilised the space perfectly! Although challenged with limited space they found a place for everything! A draw dedicated to spices! A cupboard dedicated to glasses, another dedicated to baking! Everything labelled!

I am a very tidy person but the new order Zoe and Allyson have installed is remarkable! Not only do I enjoy my cooking even more with everything to hand and easy to get to, it saves me time in the mornings preparing breakfast when in a rush before work!

I would highly recommend the Declutter Divas! It’s amazing what joy organisation can bring!

Thank you both so much!

K – Kent, October 2017

I met Allyson and Zoe recently when they came to help me to sort out a very messy flat. The place was in chaos with clothes and boxes of unwanted stuff blocking up rooms and doorways making me feel constricted and ill at ease.

They went through each room with me piece by piece asking me what made me happy and what was useful and what I could give to charity or recycle. I was taken with the care and energy Allyson and Zoe had and their generosity and fun approach.

Now my flat is airy and spacious and I am able to keep it clear with everything accessible. It has certainly changed the way I feel.

I am very grateful to these remarkable ladies who have helped me get my flat back!

Stephanie – June 2017

Being obliged by decreased physical mobility in my mid-80s to move from a large house to a flat, it is essential that I rationalise the arrangements for what possessions I could keep and dispose of the remainder. I was introduced to two extremely competent, helpful and hardworking ladies who undertake arrangements such as I needed, Allyson Pritchard and Zoe Steel.

Calling themselves professionally the ‘Declutter Divas’, decluttering broadly describes what these ladies do. Guilty of seemingly never having thrown anything out, they packed up two van loads of discarded items to go to the charity shop, and dozens of boxes containing what I retained. The packing, which included very fragile material, was carried out efficiently and with great expertise. Everything was left tidy and in the best possible order, and I would ad that Allyson and Zoe are nice people who is very pleasant to deal with. I recommend them wholeheartedly.

John – August 2016

We were at our wits end with our store room. In five years the stores had not kept pace with our rapidly expanding business.

We decided we needed a big push to organise it to 100% and to do this we needed expert help. Zoe and Allyson came to see us early one morning and to our surprise were completely unphased by the enormity of the job. From that meeting we knew they were the help we needed and we booked them for five days.

We did a lot to prepare for their visit to ensure their time with us was a productive as possible, but there was still much to do when they started. We have never known two people so willing, so focused and so determined to get a job done and to get it done right. No stone was left unturned and every single last nut, bolt and fitting was organised into its own compartment. Even the engineer’s vans were cleared off and put away, so we could see everything we owned.

We worked along side them to arrange a store room that was fit for our current business and beyond. After a long week and a weekend, we all came to work on Monday to what felt like a different business. Everyone felt the burden of the stores lifted from them and a new era of working practices began. From that Monday morning the stores served us and we were free to run a business.

Zoe and Allyson’s methodology of seeing everything you have and only keeping what you use can be applied to any situation, no matter what the form the clutter takes. Their energy and focus give every customer 100% value for money. They do not stop, they do not waiver and they do not lose sight of the end goal – complete organisation.

We are all forever thankful that they do what they do and so happy they helped us.

All the team at The Heating Hub – October 2015

When I moved to my current home many years ago, I had nothing for months. All my stuff from abroad was yet to come back. I had stuff in storage in UK and stuff from my previous marriage that I had left. In time I gathered stuff with my new partner and bits and pieces from everyone else that they wanted me to take. Things got very crowded and I lived in a 1 bedroomed flat with no storage and cupboards etc. I would do my best to try and deal with it for many years. I reached a stage where I could not see a way forward. It was like I had blinkers over my eyes. My husband bless him was less than helpful!! I got behind over the years as my physical and mental health got worse. I am a collector and hoarder of certain things, I admit. My mental health suffered so much I could no longer cope with the situation at home. Having everything everywhere would drive me mad!

I got the nerve to phone the Diva’s one day. I thought I should be honest as possible, so they could help me the best. I did worry what they thought of me, but I need not have worried what so ever. Zoe was fab! I was so happy to make contact with someone who could help, I cried tears of joy.

The day the Divas were first due to arrive, I did worry what they might think of me and my place. Again I need not of worried one bit. The sorting was done at a pace to suit me. No pushing me into anything, I was not ready for. At the end of the day, it turned out to be a pleasant stress-free productive day. I knew I wanted the Divas back again. Before they left, I knew if I had anything on my mind what so ever, I could ask the Divas.

The Divas have come many many times over the last year. They have taken away so much stuff! I have surprised myself at what I have let go. I was a bit more reluctant to let go of clothes and shoes and boy I was a hoarder of both. But over the last year I have got rid of tons of shoes and wait for it 37½ bags of clothes !! I am very proud of that alone!

I feel so comfortable in the company of the girls. I got really stressed recently as things had gone slightly backwards. I handed Zoe a sharp knife to pass on to whoever. If I had not done that, I would have used it on myself as I have a self harm problem.

The space I have gained from parting with all my stuff is bliss. I love the extra space and all the happiness it has actually bought me. I can find stuff and it has stopped me buying stuff, because I could not find what I had. I am impulsive by nature but with the Divas help I’ve re-trained my head a lot. My beloved cat loves the extra space too.

The girls are really life savers, should be classed as an emergency service!! I have never met such kind and helpful people. I know if I ever need them I can call. You really don’t have anything to worry about. Just phone the Divas and enjoy the start of your new life!!

Summer –  SE London, October 2015

If like me your flat was a battleground to live in then let me show you the way to a clearer, calm, controllable home. Enter the DECLUTTER DIVAS. Right from the start they were highly motivated, professional, compassionate always understanding and they worked at a pace that was the same at the end of the day as when they started in the morning.

I live with my 7 year old son in a two bedroom council flat. I suffer depression and live with OCD. Every day is a mountain to climb. Since the DIVAS help I can now find anything in my home and I mean anything. My son is loving his home as much as myself, he is better behaved, no more angry outbursts with the clutter all gone.

Consider the DIVAS as a unique gift for someone who would be difficult to buy for or treat yourself you will NOT be disappointed. I live in Scotland and am grateful the DIVAS were willing to travel.

Thank you DIVAS for giving me back my home and quality time with my son.

Laura – March 2015

Due to long term issues, I’d got myself into a right mess! I got so behind and everything was soon so bad I could not catch up whatever I did. I could not cope with doing so much, and then I had to admit defeat. I first saw Allyson and Zoe on TV, I saw how happy people were once the girls had helped them sort it all out and I wanted some of that!

I was nervous before the Divas 1st visit and wondered what they would think of me and the situation I was in. I didn’t have to worry whatsoever; they put me at ease as soon as they got through the door. Everything was done at a pace to suit me and I had plenty of time to go back to the things I could not make my mind up about. They helped me make decisions about things I was not sure about. With the Divas wonderful help; I got rid of so much more than I ever expected I would. I surprised myself. I did not feel guilty as I knew it was all going to somewhere where it was wanted.

It has taken 5 visits to totally sort my home out and it’s certainly been worth all the time, work and cost. The ladies have made it such a pleasure to do; I’ve learnt so much from the Divas. I‘ve learnt so much its changed the way I think and live, and I love all of the space I have now. I’m less stressed, and I’ve started to enjoy hobbies I’d forgotten about because I was so unhappy. I constantly look for more things to get rid of and I now find this a stress free experience! I know if I ever can’t cope again, the Divas are only a phone call away.

I can’t thank the Divas enough. It’s changed my life around so much – all very positive. Zoe and Allyson are really the 4th emergency service! It’s the best thing I have done this year! I just wish I had done it ages ago.

I & R – South East London, January 2015

Allyson and Zoe –

Thank you so much for the help you have given me to help myself and for giving me back my home and life. You are both a gem.

Thanks a million

Yemesi – April 2013

Allyson & Zoe came to my long time cluttered house full of enthusiasm, determination, focus and professionalism. They are highly organised and the work rate is quite extraordinary. It took years for me to retain ‘stuff’ that they managed to sort, prioritise and where necessary, dispense of in just a couple of days.

The satisfaction is, that having systematically packed all the retained items ready to move in well-marked boxes, all the clutter went to good charitable causes to benefit others.

I would certainly recommend them, not just for the exceptional job that they do, but because it’s done with good humour and a smile on their faces.

David – Maidstone, March 2013

I concur with all the testimonials. Zoe and Allyson are Fantastic professionals to work with. I have rediscovered my home. With the clutter gone it makes life so easy and organised. Wonderful work-bespoke Decluttering. Great work Declutter Divas.

Strongly recommended.

Dr Raj

I always thought that decluttering was for messy houses until the Declutter Diva’s did their professional declutter on my office. It wasn’t just about giving it a tidy and throwing out stuff I didn’t need anymore, they created a whole new working system for me. I’ve since worked out they have saved me about an hour each day which I can spend on my business instead of wasting it looking for stuff. That hour a day adds up to 9 1/2 weeks over the whole year and when you look at how much you expect to earn in just one week, then this service more than pays for itself.

But it’s not just about the money, I feel so much lighter and my business is moving forwards now that I’m not bogged down with all that old stuff. If you want to save time in your business and get a new dimension to your motivation, I really recommend you give them a call.

Sian – Rochester

My house had taken over my life, it was full of clutter and items invoking memories from my past life and things I had kept in case I needed them, put away and subsequently not found when needed.  I felt as if a great weight was pressing down on me and when I had to empty the loft to get it insulated it was the straw that broke my back.  I put it all in my back bedroom and every time I walked in there I tried to sort a box or two but just kept moving it from one place to another and ended up not getting rid of anything.  I saw the advertisement for Declutter Divas but I felt inadequate because I could not declutter the house myself.  Finally, I felt so depressed I gave them a call and from the time they crossed my threshold with their professional, positive attitude, practical advice and speed of action the weight lifted from my shoulders and mind.

The transformation initially in the two bedrooms and dining room was amazing and I couldn’t wait to get them back to sort out the living room and kitchen.  As the bags of rubbish left the house the pressure on my shoulders and mind lifted.  I was so excited about getting a tidy, ordered and roomy home. It was as if I belonged to a sisterhood and with Allyson and Zoe’s professional assistance we achieved so much more than one person alone could.  I consider it to be the best value for money ever spent and in the process have made two friends. I was also grateful for their amazing after care service and advice with ongoing queries and cannot thank them enough for all their considerable efforts on my behalf.

I have no hesitation in recommending Declutter Divas because of their professionalism, friendliness and solutions.  Declutter Divas are the best therapy around.

Angela – Gillingham

Attempting to tidy my flat always filled me with a sense of dread – I had too much stuff and didn’t know where to keep it all – each time I did attempt tidying, things would go in a different place so it was no surprise I could never find anything! I’m so pleased I decided to get Declutter Divas to help me sort it all out. Now there is a place for everything, and everything’s in its place, and I can find what I need in seconds. I couldn’t believe how much they achieved in just two days – they even had time to do an extra room for me! Allyson and Zoe work hard, are professional and sympathetic – they really listen to you and will come up with the best solution for you. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Declutter Divas and would be happy to use their services again.

CB – London

Following a heartbreak, an illness and then a launch of a company, I had let my beautiful Georgian house turn into a rather sad, cluttered and dusty dwelling. Piles of clothes, untidy cupboards, old furniture in corners, boxes of nonsense, rooms filling up with junk and a sense there was no way out with a distinct lack of motivation to tackle the mountain, I called Declutter Divas. They initially offered to just take on my kitchen and lounge, but within a week I had asked them to take on every room in my house. They worked with me, with my children and even brought in people to build me shelves, paint walls, construct new furniture, move heavy items and rearrange my home. They did not leave until they had put every final book, dress, saucepan, chair and pair of socks into its new and rightful place. My home was beautiful again, somewhere I wanted to be and my life felt positive and organized.

They work from the moment they arrive, they are intuitive about what you may want, they are thorough, determined and kind and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I chose to leave them to work alone for several days while I was away and I trusted them with everything – and I was right to.

If you are really wanting to give your home a new lease of life, but cannot summon the energy, focus or time – get these wonderful women in – they really have made my home a place I want to come home to again.

Kathleen – Gravesend

Things to say about the Declutter Divas

We started out by wanting our main room, the drawing room, back in some order.  As it took shape it was transformed very quickly into a beautiful room again with a light and airy, spacious feel.  We wanted to take this to one room after another and eventually the whole house was transformed.

The women are very focussed and full of ideas on how to improve your home.  They work with you so you are very much part of the change and as they work quickly and efficiently, you will be amazed at how the time flies by and bags and bags of “stuff” leave your home and your life.  It was great to see it all go, courtesy of the Divas. After each room and usually a room took a day (some took a couple), we always felt terrific as we gained more of our house back again and often liken it to having a facial as the feel-good effect is just as beneficial.

During the process, we changed along with the house transformation, we re-discovered a pride in our home and started to enjoy it.  We had let things get on top of us as can happen very easily and before you know it, you feel ashamed of your home, with it just being a place to exist in and you do not feel you can let anyone over the front door step.  That really was us, for a while, until we reached the point “enough is enough” and found our much needed help.

The Declutter Divas have not just given us back our home looking truly lovely, which we delight in now …….. they have given us back an improved quality of life as our outlook is brighter and we are now motivated to build on their transformation and are decorating, in readiness for guests again.


Value for money isn’t necessarily found in the cheapest packages.  These women work like hell, they really earn their keep and will engage you in the process too, to make it quicker and better.  What’s more, they make it fun as well.  We miss them!

Guys – pay for these women to help your missus sort out your home.  It’s not just for the sake of a tidy place to live – it’ll make your wife happier and that’ll improve your sex life too!


I was worried about letting someone else declutter my room, but knew I needed help.  Allyson and Zoe worked with me to tidy, store and dispose.  They took away those things that I decided I didn’t need (with a lot of help from Allyson and Zoe).  But best of all they took away the rubbish, the things for charity and recycling so I didn’t have opportunity to change my mind or clutter another room.  One lasting effect is that I am now able to consider the redecoration of the room, long overdue, but which has been put off due to not being able to see the floor!  Thank you Allyson and Zoe.

Best Wishes, Linda

My flat was a mess – disorganised chaos.  Piles of paperwork and clutter everywhere.  It was overwhelming – I didn’t know where to start or how.  It was too much for me to do by myself.  Allyson and Zoë were great!  They came in and just got on with it.  They were kind and understanding, but did help me realise I didn’t need everything I’d been hoarding for so long.  They even took it all away.  It’s such a relief to come home to a clear and tidy flat, and it’s so much easier to keep on top of the housework now.  Thank you, Allyson and Zoë!

AJ – Chatham, Kent