September 21, 2021

‘The Hoarder Next Door’ returns for 3rd series

The Declutter Divas return for the third series  of six programmes starting next week on Thursday 6th March on Channel 4 at 8.00pm.

This will give you an insight to show how this secret society has existed for many years with no outside help available. In these programmes you will see Stelios Kiosses, psychotherapist, support the contributors with different types of therapies. Having had the various therapies, the contributors are ready to start the process of decluttering with the Divas.

The first programme starts with Michelle, who is endearing, intelligent, and animal loving. We also see with Gemma, who is fun loving, happy, but obsessed with her Sponge Bob Square Pants!, and Carl who has a passion and huge collection of Buddhas. We hope the public will warm to the characters, as all of us that were involved with the programme did.

All six programmes illustrate the difficulties and struggles that people have with collections that spiral out of control and the clutter that surrounds and drowns them. It will show how this can affect everyday people in our life today. It shows a variety of emotions: warmth, sadness, humour and anger.

Allyson and Zoe