October 25, 2021

Help needed!

Boundless Productions are in the preliminary stages of research for a possible new documentary series following families as they work through their anxiety disorders or phobias together such as Tourette’s, sleep disorders, any phobias or perhaps hoarding.

Do you know of any families where at least one person is a hoarder and others suffer from anxiety disorders/hoarding/OCD?

Are you grown up children helping parents through difficult times?

1 in 8 adults in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder and the chance of passing this on to their children is 1 in 6.

We are looking for various families that we can speak to as case studies to show the range of issues that are out there. In addition whether the families might be interested in possibly taking part and resolving their issues.

Would you or members of your family be willing to speak to researchers for research purposes in the first instance?

I am happy to answer any questions at all.

Thank you, Elizabeth Harding

Please email Elizabeth.hardy@boundlessproductions.tv or call me on 0207 691 5019.