September 21, 2021

Elton John’s Mum declutters and downsizes to a smaller house

As reported in The Mirror newspaper:

Elton John’s mum is having a clear-out, and is planning to auction off a vast cache of ultra-rare memorabilia from her son’s pop career.

Sheila Farebrother has downsized to a smaller house on the south coast and is putting over 100 gold and platinum discs (including two for his hit ‘Candle In The Wind’), various tour jackets, Versace stage suits and rare VIP passes under the hammer.

Andrew Elliston-Elhinn, of auctioneers Gorringes, said:  “His mother used to have a large games room with shelf upon shelf to store all the things he had given her but since moving she doesn’t have the room any more.

“Some are autographed but, as his mum said, ‘Why would he sign it for me? I’m his mum.'”

“I’d go to his concerts in the early days and my main concern was that he wouldn’t forget any of his lyrics,” said Sheila.

“It wasn’t until Madison Square Garden in 1974 when John Lennon sang with Elton I realised he had become a superstar.”