September 21, 2021

Clear out your clutter and harmonise your home, urges Age UK

… as consumer spending rises again.

Latest CBI* statistics reveal that, despite the recession, high street spending is up compared to last year, with 60% of retailers saying that sales rose during the first two weeks in September, with clothing and footwear & leather experiencing the strongest areas of growth.  To make room for all these new purchases Age UK is calling on all big spenders out there to de-clutter and give their old or unused items to their local Age UK shop.

Not only is de-cluttering a great way to ensure that the home is a calm and relaxing environment, but by donating items no longer needed shopaholics will be making a real difference to people in later life around the country.

Age UK has teamed up with the Association of Professional De-clutterers and Organisers to develop five top tips that people can follow to de-clutter their homes:

  1. Do a little at a time; try setting aside 15 minutes every few days to start tackling what you have to sort through.  Don’t try to do too much at one time, or you may find the task too onerous!
  2. Take a small box, carrier bag, or bin bag, set yourself a time limit and set about tackling one area that’s troubling you.  Gather all the unwanted items together and put them aside to donate to Age UK.
  3. Think of your clearout of things and the subsequent charity items as your charitable donation; share the wealth of things you have, and in so doing contribute to the wider society.  Altruism can make you feel good; you’re giving something back.  And with Gift Aid the charity can make an extra 28p in the pound at no extra cost to you!
  4. Seasonal clothing; will it be good for next year, or will it look dated?  Have you outgrown the style or colours?  Age UK can make good use of things that you no longer wear.  Why keep them ‘just in case’ if someone else can use them now.
  5. Remember, try to be as ruthless as you can; when was the last time you used the item and are you likely to use it again anytime soon?

Hugh Forde, Managing Director of Retail, Trading and Training at Age UK, said:

“Despite the recession, monthly consumer spending on items such as clothes and shoes continues to rise.  With the seasons changing and people’s wardrobes following suit, it is a great time to de-clutter and sort through your home.

“Age UK is always grateful for donations and we would be delighted to receive any quality clothing, accessories, home wares, CDs and books that you no longer need. Your donations really do make a difference – if every household in places the size of Manchester, Sheffield or Bristol donated just one item worth £5 then around an extra £1million would be generated to help improve the lives of older people.”

Jon Ramsay, from the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers (ADPO), commented:

“Many people are hoarders and keep things ‘just in case’, although they know they’re unlikely to ever use them again; in fact most people wear 20% of their clothes, 80% of the time. With autumn fast approaching and people reassessing their wardrobe, now’s a great time to sort through things like clothes and accessories and donate anything you don’t need to Age UK.  For more information about de-cluttering visit”