September 21, 2021

Woman lay dead under rubbish pile for months

A four month search for a woman ended after she was found buried under piles of rubbish at her home.

Billie Jean James was found by her shocked husband, who had been living in the same house. He spotted one of her feet sticking out from under the mountain of rubbish and clutter that littered their Las Vegas home. Police searched the house several times while looking for Mrs James, who was a compulsive hoarder. They were unable to find the body due to floor-to-ceiling piles of clothes, rubbish, empty food boxes and other goods. Police said that small pathways had been forged through the clutter to allow the couple to move around the house.

Mr James had reported his wife missing in April. He feared she might have suffered a stroke and become disorientated. He said he found the body while clearing out a back room.