September 21, 2021

The Hoarder Next Door programme bulletin – week 5

Hope you enjoyed last week’s programme, which featured record man David, and Paul, who had a museum in his back garden.

This week, in the fifth programme, we will be visiting Graham from Milton Keynes.  He loves a bargain and his house is overflowing with clutter. Graham is a real challenge for Stelios, but a lovable, full of life character.

We also meet delightful Theodora in the lovely village of Uppingham. She has a beautiful cottage that needs to be bought back to life.

Don’t miss this Thursday, 3rd April on Channel 4 at 8pm or channel 4 + 1 at 9.00pm.

If you or somebody you know needs help you can contact the APDO, this is the Association of Professional Declutters and Organisers – There is lots of information on their website together with contact details of Professional Declutterers in your Area.

Allyson and Zoe